I started this blog on my 40th birthday, in a fit of yearning, or desperation, to try out ideas, experiment with my public voice, feed my ego, stretch my creative writing muscles,  become mildly famous, and that sort of thing. I call it a parking journal, mostly because I needed a shtick to make the effort seem worthwhile to me. The shtick is, its a place to park (sometimes not fully formed) ideas, thoughts, concepts, and let them stew, and maybe even get some feedback. I derived the concept from a snippet of this interview with Chef José Andrés on the Ezra Klein Show podcast. It seems like an affirming concept, a productive one and a non-pressure one (these are unformed thoughts, man, so don’t expect high-production genius).

I mentioned I’m 40 (alternative blog title: Meditations in a Mid-Life Crisis). I’m a writer, editor and manager in the more technical realm. And I’m a family man – wife and two kids – in Rochester, NY. Follow me on Twitter @dpfilmore, and Hello.