Presidential Thread, Before a Joint Platform of System Administrators

@VicePresident, @SystemAdministrators @MembersofCongress, Unblocked #Citizens, tonight we come tgther as a gr8 nation, a diverse network 1/

2/ of my followers, to bask in the great grt things that are coming out of my administration. The terrific legislation,

 @Chief                                                                                                                                                            Replying to @theCEO                                                                                                                  Praise your agenda!

@VicePresident                                                                                                                                            Replying to @theCEO                                                                                                                  Basking in the honor!

@FrogGuy                                                                                                                                                    Replying to @theCEO                                                                                                                  White people!

3/ the big Executive orders, the grt  golovfe

4/ @SystemAdministrators tell me there were not quite enough ‘likes’ for that last line, abt the terrific legislation. What can I do? I’m so so popular but it is important

5/ for the cntry’s sake to give me those likes Otherwise I have to assume, is it the terrorists that got the likes? the #FakeNews MSM? Remember them?

6/ @membersofcongress, exercise those thumbs please

7/ Thk you, @SystemAdministrators. It looks like you took care of the situation, as you always do.

8/ Back to my spectacular progress. So many people are talking about the things I’ve achieved!! Very tremendous stuff!!!

7/ I’m talking now directly to the Unblocked Citizens, those that make this country great.

102/ Citizens, we have entered a new era of SAFETY SECURITY JOBS!!!!

13/ No longer do you have to feel threatened by the criminals, the lying ‘journalists’ the joke judges

14/ Because they are Blocked. And when they are Blocked…

@Chief                                                                                                                                                            Replying to @theCEO                                                                                                                 they’re blocked!

@VicePresident                                                                                                                                            Replying to @theCEO                                                                                                                  blocked!

@FrogGuy                                                                                                                                                    Replying to @theCEO                                                                                                              black people!

14/ Yes, Blocked from rights from the ability to harm this just really really great system we have, the real America

Folks, let’s honor the @SystemAdministrators. Really!

8/ I am sitting at my fabulous resort in this tremendous luxury chair and your sitting wherever your sitting getting my unfiltered message, why?

9/  the @SystemAdministrators is why! Thank you!

10/ With my great law that I signed: the Social Media Sedition Act all that matters are my tweets & your likes & keeping the system CY-BER SECURE

11/ I have employed many of you in keeping the system CY-BER SECURE and can I tell you something? You’re doing a really great job, really great

12/ And I’m announcing right now tonight that everybody Everybody here will get a bonus of Four THOUSAND followers. Happy to do it.

13/ @membersofcongress will take care of that

14/ NOW PLEASE @membersofcongress, Ha ha


16/ Except for the crazy #FAKENEWS MSM Those people don’t work Have you heard their LIES?

325/ That blonde one who could lose some weight was very misguided last night in talking abt my beautiful new Hotel and Resort conveniently located at US Congress.

18/ It was very rude and just SAD. She needs a facelift, not to be talking about my spectacular accommodations for Select @membersofcongress and visiting leaders

19/ the Kremlin Room is really Excellent

25/ @SystemAdministrators tell me that you wouldn’t have seen that broadcast. Lucky!!! IT WAS GARBAGE

@theCEO Retweeted                                                                                                                           @RealNews                                                                                                                                               The most presidential Twitter storm in history? https//

@theCEO Retweeted                                                                                                                           @FrogGuy                                                                                                                                                 Has anybody noticed that the Star of David when unwound rhythmically to the tune of the Israeli national anthem exactly predicts the US stock market?

20/ In conclusion, the state of the Union is strong, and by the way, the Likes are looking good. That was a RECORD number of Likes. People are impressed!

21/ Folks, there was some fraud happening during that earlier line the one about TERRIFIC legislation. A real pity. Probably my opponent

22/ Directing her supporters from her #blocked wasteland No jobs there!!!

23/ Sore losers!!

24/ But folks, Maybe you can do better? For CY-BER SECURITY. Was I

22/ too quick with the followers? Folks? @SystemAdministrators can’t do everything.

23/ BTW, watch the US Capitol Open tomorrow at the new resort. We will have the best golfers!

24/ @membersofcongress will have to vacate chambers by 11a. We need the space!

23/ I just blocked some big league sore losers. SAD! But state of the union is better now. WATCH!

@theCEO Retweeted                                                                                                  @SystemAdministrators                                                                                             Lуспокойся  а также выйти

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